Each week you child will come home with a library book. As the children develop their understanding of letter sounds in phonics, they will bring home a phonically decodeable word book, which reinforces what is being taught in school.

Phonics – Little Wandle

All children participate in two daily phonics lessons, learning how to read and write letters and words. The children are grouped according to their ability. Children start with Phase 1 in Nursery. Please ensure that at home, you are referring to letters by their sounds initially, and not their names.

The children will learn rhyming words, starting sounds of words, letter sounds, how to segment words (using “robot arms”) in order to spell e.g. “cat can be broken up in to c…a…t” and how to blend sounds together in order to read, e.g. “p…i…g says ‘pig’”

There are lots of fun games that you can play at home.


Initially we encourage children to mark make and give meaning to their marks. We also encourage the children to hold a pencil correctly. By the end of Reception we expect children to be able to write a series of simple sentences.

Follow the link for Phonics Jargon Buster