Meet the Staff


 Senior Staff

 Mrs Rosina Lee


Mr J Hyder

Vice Principal and Lead for Mathematics

Mrs V Bennett-Smith

Assistant Principal for EYFS and KS1 and Lead for Pupil Premium

Mrs L Wilshaw

Assistant Principal for KS2 and Lead for English



Mrs M Earl

Nursery teacher and Lead for EYFS and Parent Links

Mrs C Mountford

 Miss J Austin

 Mrs C Moulton

 Mrs J Thaw




Mrs K Rushton 

Reception teacher and ​Lead for Phonics

Miss S Jones

Reception teacher 

Miss S Carter

Reception teacher

Mrs M Thake

Reception Teacher

 Miss G Davis

 Mrs G Jones

 Mrs L Birchenough

Mrs J Bloor

Mrs R Selwood



 Year 1

Mrs J Holmes

Class teacher and KS1 Leader

Miss L Hill

Class teacher

Mrs E Challinor

Class teacher

Mrs A Brown

Class teacher

 Mrs L Grocott

 Mrs T Barrow

 Mrs J Simpson

Mrs M Gordon


 Year 2

Miss R Preston

Class teacher

Mrs L Brown

Class teacher

Mrs D Pritchard

Class teacher

Mrs Y Collier

 Miss N Hall

 Mrs A Jenkins

Mrs S Goldstraw



 Year 3

Miss C Deakin

Class teacher

Mrs K Triner

Class teacher

Miss C Slamon

Class teacher

Mrs F Bradley-Vardy

Class teacher

 Miss E Woolley

 Miss S Clowes

Mrs K Beckett

Mrs R Tideswell 

Mrs A Shaw



 Year 4

Miss S Hugill

Class teacher and Lower Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs S Edwards

Class teacher

Mr S Stringer

Class teacher

 Mrs C Kinder

 Mrs J Morris

 Mrs S Bridgwood

Mrs S Sargeant

Mrs S Clowes

Mrs A Frodshaw



 Year 5

Mrs N Hyder

Class Teacher

Mr J Mould

Class Teacher

Mrs S Hurst

Class teacher

 Mrs S Brassey

 Mrs K Caine

Mrs D Hitchins


 Year 6

Mr B Ramage

Class Teacher and Upper Key Stage 2 Leader

Miss C Ward

Class Teacher

Mrs Z Wiley

Mrs A Venables


Pastoral and Inclusion Staff

Mrs S Myatt

Pastoral Lead

Mrs J Clarke

Family support worker

Mrs K Tideswell


Mrs D Hilditch

Mrs S Dawson

Mrs W Gallon

Mrs A Surtees

Mrs E Mitchell-Jones


Administration Staff

Mrs S Clarkson

School Business Manager

Mrs G Downing

Office Manager

Mrs Y Hargreaves

School Secretary

Mrs K Chadwick

Administrative Assistant


Site Staff

Mr A Hilditch


Mr A Denson



Lunchtime Supervisor Staff

Mrs L Savage

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Waine 


Mrs J Jones

Mrs J Bromley

Mrs K Morley

Mrs L Leigh

Mrs D Cummings

Mrs K Caine

Mrs S Anderson

Mrs A Rasool

Mrs T Barrow

Mr A Denson

Mrs D Hilditch

Mrs R Tideswell

Mrs R Poole

Mrs T Edwards


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