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About Us


Our school motto is “Learn, Achieve, Believe”. We live this in everything we do and say.

Mission Statement

Sneyd Academy is a happy, caring school where all successes are celebrated.

Vision Statement:

At Sneyd Academy our aim is to provide an environment where everyone is happy. Through working together, we will create a caring and secure atmosphere where all achievements are celebrated. We shall achieve this through promoting a positive, hardworking and wholesome ethos.

We encourage a strong sense of self-worth. We wish to ensure that each individual values themselves initially, and then has the confidence to value others and to feel valued. For this to be achieved, everyone will be challenged to promote high standards of behaviour, achievement and commitment. These high standards will develop trusting relationships between children, parents, staff and governors.

We are committed to encouraging everyone to feel part of the Sneyd Academyschool community, thus enabling us to feel part of a whole family. A strong belief in school family values form the basis of our teaching and learning and much of the emphasis for our collective worship is on developing our school community. Whilst working towards forming a united school, we recognise the need to develop the confidence in each person to be individual, and to motivate and inspire all to reach for their personal best.

School Values:

At Sneyd Academy our values underpin everything that we do, every single day. We have 8 values in total:

Challenge – We believe that we should never be afraid of taking on a challenge. In fact, we learn enormously from making mistakes and working hard to achieve a goal.

Commitment – This is imperative in all parts of school life. We should persevere with activities to achieve the very best that we can.

Equality – All stakeholders in our school deserve an equal opportunity to be successful. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can learn and participate regardless of who they are.

Friendship – We strongly believe that Sneyd Academy is a school ‘family’. It is important that we are supportive of each other so that we can be the best that we can.

Independence – Encouraging children to be independent from a very young age is extremely important at Sneyd Academy. We also feel that it is an important skill to teach our pupilsas they become citizens of the future.

Creativity – The world is an ever changing place and we want our pupils to be able to solve the challenges that they face in all different sorts of ways. Creativity is a key skill in the modern world.

Happiness – It is important that our pupils maintain a positive physical and mental wellbeing. Teaching our pupils about happiness and how to live a positive and fulfilled life will not only take them confidently into their own adult lives, but will also help them to support others at times of need.

Respect – Our school cannot run without respect. In fact, the world cannot operate without respect. It is a true non-negotiable for us all at Sneyd Academy. This has to be taught, demonstrated, earned and given.

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