The aims of Design and Technology in our school are to:

  • Enable children to enjoy designing, making and evaluating products with a purpose in mind,
  • fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum,
  • ensure the progressive development of knowledge and skills,
  • allow children to develop real life skills through opportunities in different areas and using different tools,
  • be fully inclusive for all.

The Curriculum


Children in Nursery will make instruments, bake a variety of items with support, make Humpty Dumpty’s wall, use clay to make a stick man and make a bird feeder.

Children in Reception will Make a lollipop family stick house, make a poppy with plastic bottle, make a super potato and make friendship bracelets


In Year 1 children will make a sandwich, design and make landmarks and make felt flowers and leaves.

In Year 2 children will make a felt stocking, make a moving vehicle and create a dream catcher.



In Year 3 children will use weaving to crate stone age clothes, make a photo frame from natural materials and make a Roman catapult.

In Year 4 children will make a tapestry with hieroglyphic printed symbols, make a pop up lever for a page in a book and create a healthy snack.

In Year 5 children will design and make a Viking toy using cams, design and make their own biscuit and design and make a space buggy with an electrical circuit.

In Year 6 children will design and make a World War 2 cushion, take part in a STEAM robotic coding workshop and design and make a meal for mini enterprise event.



  • Children that attend Sneyd Academy are offered a range of clubs and previously there has been sewing, baking, construction and Lego clubs.
  • Reception attend a visit to the local Co-op supermarket to look at job roles and healthy and unhealthy foods. They then make a fruit salad with fruit picked up on the visit.
  • Year 1 attend a trip to look at local landmarks based on their text ‘The naughty bus’.
  • Year 2 have a WOW day based on the Great Fire of London where they make Tudor houses and have a visitor into school to safely set fire to them.
  • Year 3 have a Stone Age day to look at clothing and shelters.
  • Year 4 have a WOW event to use culinary skills to prepare a healthy meal.
  • Year 5 have a visit to the local supermarket to see how food is stored and prepared.
  • Year 6 take part in a STEAM workshop.


Pupil Voice

  • I have enjoyed making sandwiches and cookies.
  • Cooking club has been fun.
  • We have used lots of materials like pom poms sequins to make felt flowers.
  • We are given opportunities to design and choose what we like to make our final product.
  • I have been to sewing club – it is fun!
  • I like that we can work with others in DT.
  • I like DT, it is practical and exciting.


Baking Club with Reception

Reception – Supertato’s

Year 1 – Felt Flowers

Year 1 – Sandwich

Year 2 – Moving Vehicle

Year 2 – Felt Stocking

Year 3 – Stone Age Weaving

Year 4 – Hieroglyphics

Year 5 – Viking Toy

Year 5 – Biscuits

Year 6 – Cushion

The school is a happy and positive community.

| Ofsted 2019

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