Year 1 – English


Grammar is a major aspect of the school curriculum. Children need to be able to show understanding of different grammatical terms and be able to use them in their writing. In Year 1 children need to be able to understand and use:

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Question marks
  • Exclamation marks
Super Sentences

Super sentences are used in each year group and have been designed to encourage and help the children use a range of skills within their writing.

Below is a list of the super sentences in Year 1:

Super Sentence Explanation Example
1A One adjective before a noun. I saw a huge dog.
2A Two adjectives before a noun, seperated by a comma. I saw a huge, furocious dog with sharp, white teeth which dripped saliva.
List Three adjectives in a list, seperated by commas. It was a wild, windy and depressing day
BOYS Extending a simple sentence with the use of one of the following: But, Or, Yet, So. He was a friendly man most of the time buthe could become nasty.
Big Write

Word of the Day

Each day a word is picked to be The Word of the Day. This could be related to the topic or book that the class are learning about or could be an interesting word that the teacher feels would be useful or fun.The word is then display in the classroom for the rest of the year for the children to use. Teachers encourage the children to use these words as it helps to extend their vocabulary and they are rewarded when they do.


There are several different ways we teach spellings here at Sneyd Green. In Year 1, we continue to work on the children’s phonics knowledge. In addition to this, we also have keywords that the children need to learn to spell. Each child is given a keyword spelling sheet with all the words for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The children are tested on these throughout the year and they are crossed off the list when they can spell them confidently. To see the keywords for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 please click here.


Reading Non-negiotables

These are currently being updated.

Grammar Non-negiotables

These are currently being updated.

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