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Careers Related Learning

At Sneyd Academy, we have always been passionate about preparing children for the future by helping them to think about their aims and aspirations.

In 2019-2020, we were part of a funded project as we are located in the opportunity area of Stoke-on-Trent. This funding has allowed children to take this learning one step further and through partnership work with employers, has given our young people a direct insight into the world of work and hopefully increase their motivation, aspirations, attainment and skills.

The children worked in collaboration with companies such as Learn By Design, Autonet and the EDT Programme to raise aspirations and to encourage our pupils to seek careers in a diverse range of engineering and science backgrounds. We will also be seeking support from the secondary schools within our Trust and from our Careers Operational Support Officer.

Autumn Term 2020:

Early on in the Autumn term, our Year 6 pupils are encouraged to apply for the position of Ambassador within our Academy. They receive a letter which explains how they should go about applying for this role and some top tips for putting together their letters of application. To support them in their decision to apply, we offer them sessions on interview techniques and we coach pupils who feel they require a bit of practice before the interview. We receive an overwhelming number of applications for the post. Pupils are then selected for interview where they meet our Chair of Governors and Vice-Principal. Children are then appointed to carry out the role of Ambassador.

Our School Council is also formed in the Autumn term and the team of children and staff are already showing great commitment improving our school. They work relentlessly to demonstrate the British Values and our Sneyd Academy Values.

September also sees the start of our Junior Leadership Team. We are so fortunate to have so many hard working and responsible pupils within our Academy. Our JLT ensure the smooth running of our Academy and- in truth- we could not run the Academy without them! There are 41 members of our Junior Leadership Team and their roles range from School Council members, Library Legends, Dinnertime Diamonds, Litter Busters, Technicians and Attendance Aces (to name but a few).

Another group of aspiring leaders which is formed in the Autumn term is our Anti-bullying Ambassadors. These children work hard to help us to understand what bullying is and what to do if children ever feel like they are being bullied.

STEM events, including our children and their parents, also run in the Autumn term. The ‘Trebuchet Challenge’ and is always very engaging – with all children developing their team work, communication and presentation skills in preparation for the world of work.

During this term, we also hold workshops for our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to encourage them to consider the qualities they will need within the world of work. All Careers related learning allows pupils to develop their team work, whilst considering the skills and attributes they have which would make them a good person to employ for a job when they are older.

Spring Term 2021:

During National Careers Week, our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils experience a workshop. Previously, they have met with Port Vale player, Nathan Smith. Nathan delivered an assembly to the children where he inspired them by explaining how resilience is an important factor when it comes to the world of work and jobs. He supported them in realising that we have to work hard to achieve our dreams and that a few knock-backs along the way are almost inevitable. Furthermore, our football team were then put through their paces by him whilst they received a coaching lesson with drills and endurance tests!


In Spring 2021, we enjoy holding further STEM events. Creating a ‘Marble Run’ is always a popular one! The event is really enjoyable and we would like to thank Mrs Heath-Wilson from Discovery Academy for all of her support in delivering this event.

It is never too early to start thinking and talking about careers and careers-related learning. This website is really useful for further information in this area.

Reading books for children linked to Careers and the World of Work

You know how much we value reading at Sneyd Academy. The National Literacy Trust have very kindly put together a list of books for children which link to Careers and the World of Work. This list is arranged into categories related to the child’s age, from birth to 11.

When I Grow Up Book List

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