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What happens in year 2?

The children learn through the following topics in year 2…

  Autumn – The Great City of London

  Spring – A Walk on the Wild Side

  Summer – Hopes and Dreams


There are several different ways we teach spellings here at Sneyd Academy. In Year 2, we continue to work on the childrens phonics knowledge. In addition to this, we also have keywords that the children need to learn to spell. Each child is given a keyword spelling sheet with all the words for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The children are tested on these throughout the year and they are crossed off the list when they can spell them confidently. To see the keywords for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 please click here.

Marvellous Multiplications

In Year 2 children start to complete their Marvellous Multiplications. By the end of the year they should know by heart multiplication and division facts for 10, 2 and 5 times tables.

Example test:

1) 5 x 2 =
2) 3 x 2 =
3) 4 x 2 =
4) 7 x 2 =
5) 11 x 2 =
6) 9 x 2 =
7) 2 x 2 =
8) 6 x 2 =
9) 10 x 2 =
10) 8 x 2 =
11) 12 x 2 =
12) 1 x 2 =

Our aim is to provide the children with a rich and enjoyable curriculum that encourages them to reach their full potential through a variety of challenging activities.

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