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Quality first teaching of reading into writing is outlined in our Reading Curriculum Pathway and this is always the first route to ensuring that children reach their targets and are reading at and age-related level. Where this is not the case, children are provided with extra, in-class support to ensure they catch-up. As is sometimes needed, where pupils require further support to ensure that they are reading and understanding at an age-related expectation, they receive extra support in the form of additional reading boosters with experienced teaching assistants and teachers. After school reading boosters are also planned for to ensure that pupils achieve in line with national expectations and so that they can make progress to achieve the national standard in phonics in Y1 and in reading at KS1 and at KS2.

In order to ensure that children who are still struggling are able to make progress at their own level and in-line with their personal targets, pupils are given the extra support they require. These children receive quality SEND support and are identified (through Provision Mapping with the Inclusion Lead) for reading catch-up via programmes such as: Rapid Phonics, Nessy, Project X Code, Daily Diary, Paired Reading, Better Reading, Switch On 1:1 and Stile Reading delivered as an intervention with our SEND team out of class. Where possible, we ensure that connections are made between out of class intervention and daily classroom teaching.

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