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Nursery – Maths

Children learn about maths through play and their daily experiences, and the more meaningful to them and hands on it is, the better. In nursery, our indoor and outdoor environment is full of mathematical opportunities for the children to explore. We provide a range of exciting activities and resources to allow the children to develop their counting skills, sorting skills, comparing, describing and early calculation skills. Our nursery team support the children to be creative, critical thinkers, problem solvers and most importantly, to have a go!

We use a fantastic resource called ‘Ten Town’ which is a unique Early Years resources designed to improve numbers formation and number recognition. Each number has its own story and character to help the children to develop these skills along with a song and activities.

By the end of Nursery, we expect the children to:

  • Sometimes match numeral to quantity correctly.
  • Confidently count to 10
  • Recognise numerals 1-5.
  • Show an interest in representing numbers.
  • Compare two groups of objects, saying when they have the same number.
  • Show curiosity about numbers.
  • Begin to use mathematical names for 2D shapes.
  • Use positional language such as ‘behind’, ‘in front’ and ‘under’.

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