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Nursery – English


Your child will come home with a reading book and diary, at first they will have a discussion book, this encourages your child to tell the story using the pictures. In the front of their diary, you will be provided with words for your child to learn, once these have been learnt then they will be able to move onto a book with words. We encourage parents to read listen to their child reading every night. When you do this, please add a comment in the diary. If your child reads 5 times a week then they with get 3 golden tickets.

During school time, a member of staff will also listen to your child read, when we feel that they are ready, they will be given a new book to read.

Each week your child will also come home with a library book. Please enjoy sharing this with them.


Letter and Sounds

All children participate in two daily phonics lessons, learning how to read and write letters and words. The children are grouped according to their ability. Children start with Phase 1 in Nursery. Please ensure that at home, you are referring to letters by their sounds initially, and not their names.

The children will learn rhyming words, starting sounds of words, letter sounds, how to segment words (using “robot arms”) in order to spell e.g. “cat can be broken up in to c…a…t” and how to blend sounds together in order to read, e.g. “p…i…g says ‘pig'”

There are lots of fun games that you can play at home.


Initially we encourage children to mark make and give meaning to their marks. We also encourage the children to hold a pencil correctly. By the end of Nursery we expect children to be able to write their own name.

Follow the link for Phonics – Jargon Buster.

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