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The academy day.


Changes we have made to the organisation of the classroom and the school day have had an impact to our way of life at the Academy. Never-ending hand-washing, pumping of hand sanitiser dispensers and additional risk assessments have all added to a different academic year and what can be described as the new "normal".

With bubbles (however small or large) having to isolate and staff having to do the same, it is an ever changing situation and we hope these pages will be your first point of contact for information and advice.

Covid-19 risk assessment.

Since the start of term, we have managed Covid-19 cases across some of our Academies.

As a Trust we have worked closely with Public Health England and Stoke-on-Trent City Council, following their advice exactly to ensure we are putting in every control that will help reduce transmission of the virus. We would like to reassure you that the Trust has a robust risk assessment in place at every academy which you can read here.

In line with the rise of cases nationally, we may continue to have to deal with positive COVID cases in our academies. We have a clear process to deal with this ever-changing situation and want to explain how decisions are taken that may impact on how your child receives education.

  • Regular checks are conducted by the Health and Safety team to ensure all our academies are implementing risk assessments - ensuring all steps are being taken to reduce the spread of infection.
  • When a positive case is identified the Trust Health and Safety team support academies to identify close contacts and ensure those who are identified self-isolate.
  • Following guidance from Public Health England it is not our policy to isolate whole bubbles as our team will complete a detailed close contact assessment.
  • If we receive notification of a positive case over the weekend and are unable to conduct a detailed close contact assessment, as a precaution, we may require the whole year or class bubble to remain at home on the Monday until this assessment is accurately completed.
  • It is important that our staffing remains at a level to fully implement our risk assessment controls properly. To ensure the integrity of these risk assessments, we have limits on how many supply teachers the academy will use if staff are absent. If staff absence exceeds these limits the academy may decide to educate a year group at home until staffing levels have recovered. We would like to reassure you that this would be an option of last resort and if it does happen, we would rotate the year groups to reduce the impact on one particular year.
  • Any child that is required to work at home will be provided with the necessary resources to continue with their education.

This is an unprecedented and challenging time for everyone. By working together and supporting the social distancing measures, we will hopefully get through this difficult time quickly.

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